Pirates Adventure Quest

I know that if you complete two quests for Pirates Adventure in MK, than you get a FP. How long does it take to complete 2 quests? Do you need to use the FP right away? Are there always FPs available?

Thank you!

I thought I’d read that they had discontinued the Adventure thing.

Are you thinking of the pirate tutorial with Jack? That’s gone.

I don’t know. I thought the Adventure thing was as well. I’m off to google.

Edit: Looked on the WDW site and there are no times listed after January 19.

Well darn. We had it in the plan after pirates league.

I’m thinking they just haven’t loaded yet.

I think I wrote it down wrong. It’s called
“ A Pirate’s Adventure ~ Treasures of the Seven Seas”

It’s an interactive game that you can play in Adventure Land.

It’s this -

I would say about 20 min per game. When we were there in August, you had to ask for the FP. My husband and I signed up at different times with each kid - no one mentioned FP to me, but they did to my husband.

Im interested in doing this as well next time we go. How do they know you completed the two adventures?

Do you have to use the FPs right away? We’ll have time to play in the middle of the day, but probably not right before we ride Pirates. Just wondering if it takes more time to fit in the game than it takes to stand in the line without FP. Game sounds more fun though! That’s If they’ll still have it in March. I need to call them. Thanks for the info!

It’s on your magic band and you get cards for each one you complete. But it’s a physical FPp ticket from what I saw, and not always guaranteed.

They gave us paper fastpasses which you can use whenever.