Pirate Rooms for Adult Only Trip?

Two adult 40-something women on a three-night trip for Flower and Garden. CBR is appealing because of the skyliner to Epcot but the only rooms available are Pirate rooms. Would you stay in a Pirate room or a standard room at POFQ?

POFQ, mainly because I believe those Pirate rooms have not been renovated and I have not read anything positive about them in a long time.


For F&G - I’d do CBR for the Skyliner and just deal with the more outdated rooms for three days but this is really down to what you prioritize. For me, I like to get up and moving and I don’t care so much about the room itself if it’s only a short trip.

I think those rooms are in the Trinidad section which is a quick walk across the bridge to the Skyliner.

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I’m staying in a pirate room solo for F&G. It’s all they had available. I’m not thrilled about the upcharge for this room, but I want to stay on the Skyliner route, and complete my list of having stayed at all of the moderates. Also not thrilled about the negative reviews these rooms get, but again, I want to stay on the Skyliner route. :grinning:

I hear you. I’m so on the fence!!! My only sticking point is that I’m traveling with someone who is not a very “Disney” person and I fear they would just hate the Pirate rooms.

Any chance your friend is tall? I’d be hitting my feet against the end of the pirate ship all night if I stayed there, especially since it’s a double, which would drive me crazy.

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I’m glad you mentioned this – I didn’t even think about it. She’s 6’1" so i think i can count CBR out. Thanks!

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I may be in the minority here but I’ve wanted to stay in a pirate room for years and would totally do it solo or without my kids. They are cool!!! But I didn’t know about them needing renovation.

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My brother and I stayed in a pirate suite about 5 years ago, both of us 40 somethings. We loved it. The little touches were so cool! I’d do it again in an instant. We never felt squished in the beds and felt the fridge was huge. The only downside was my brother bonked his head against the headboard twice when sitting up and watching TV… but he’s a dope and that was his fault completely. I’m sure you’ll love a pirate suite! Aaaaaarrr…

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