Pirate night


is it worth paying for the pirate makeover for a 9 year old boy on the dream?


No. Buy some stuff at WalMart or Oriental Trading before you leave for 1/10th the price. A hat, an eye patch, and a bandana was all we needed to get our kid to "duel" with Jack Sparrow 6-8 years when they first did that thing outside PoC in DisneyWorld.


For pirate night - we literally went to Goodwill and bought stuff we could tear up but on a different night - I did the Knight package for $19.95. The package does not include an outfit but I purchased the one below for $14.64 from Amazon.
The Knight package includes a sword and shield and together with this costume I brought - it looked crazy amazing with the shoulder pieces and built in 'muscles'. Can't count the number of people who stopped us and asked about his outfit. He was so into it, he wore it all day and night.

Disguise Lothar Classic Muscle Warcraft Legendary Costume


Thanks! Will try and do the same!


Good idea! Thanks for the reply