Pinocchio Village Haus - Table Service Dinner Buffet?

Saw this rumor over in chat.

Quite an interesting juxtaposition with the BOG news. I’m personally shocked at the price point, but we don’t have an official Disney release yet.

Interesting. I wonder if they would incorporate characters into this meal? That would make it more appealing to me.

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Bringing the Pinocchio characters into a meal here would be so incredible!

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I would think that at $22 per adult (if that is accurate) that there is NO way they would add characters. In my opinion, this is a quick capacity fix as a dinner Table Service for families on the dining plan. They already have the buffet equipment at the restaurant from Early Morning Magic and Italian food is pretty easy to mass produce.

Wow. $22 is cheap for a Disney buffet. It would not take long for the price to go up. It sounds like a good thing. Maybe will try it out.