Pinocchio Village Haus Opinions Needed


Has anyone ever eaten there? I always wanted to try it but I never hear anything about it.


Yes! We eat there every trip for a quick lunch! We tried it based on a recommendation from a friend. It's in the middle of MK, good QS food and there's always been plenty of seating! Highly recommend. There's even an area of the restaurant where you can see the IASW. :slight_smile: I'm a fan.


Thank you haylekk, I think we will try it. What meal do you like?


I really like the chicken caesar salad or caprese flatbread. My husband enjoyed the chicken parmesan sandwich and the kids liked the flatbread pizzas as well. They're different than the standard "kids cheese pizza" you see so often, better quality. :slight_smile:
I think it's definitely worth a try!


When it's hot outside, we go here for a water and/or snack break. Plenty of seating, near the castle and merry go round area.

Have fun!


We have also eaten there a few times as it was a convenient location and we enjoyed the food. We particularly liked the Caprese flat bread, chocolate cake and blue slushy drink with cream on top!


Same @suebedoo!


we have done it - nothing special - but it was fine.


I thoroughly enjoyed eating there. It was one of the best quick service meals I had during my trip and better than some table service meals I had. I highly recommend the caprice flatbread.


Nice central location, but we found the food to be mediocre at best.


Of all the QS mac and cheese...DD thinks Pinocchio does it best!


We've stopped here more than once because of the location and air conditioning. Flat breads are good, and my kids loved whatever they got (chicken nuggets? definitely had fries with it). Food was just fine for our purposes, but its the location (and did I mention the air conditioning?) that really made it a great stopping point.


I haven't eaten there in years - mostly because my experiences were not very good. But reading this thread, the menu certainly seems to have changed since I was last there. All I remember were hockey puck burgers and greasy, cold, fries... The iasw view was kind of nice (but I wish it was inside the ride and not just the loading area.) CHH, which I actually like, is so close I pretty much skip PVH.


This was one of our favorite QS meals. I love the flat bread pizza. Not sure if you are on the dining plan, but you can substitute slushies for the drink. My kids loved that!


thanks good to know!


The blue fairy wish book is also there.
It is just what it sounds lime a boom that you can make a wish i.


For quick service, I think it's top 3 in MK. The food is good and the location is great. We also thoroughly enjoyed Columbia Harbor House. The upstairs is a quieter get away even on the busiest park days