Pinned Threads

Can the pinned thread problem be fixed? It is really frustrating that it becomes unpinned by just viewing the thread. Thanks

It’s a bit more complicated than that. They don’t always come unpinned, sometimes they just appear that way to some users. Sometimes they do come unpinned though. I remember someone asking Len to repin the travel agent thread and for him it was still pinned - it was for me too.

You can change that it automatically unpins after reading in preferences.


Ooh that’s interesting. I don’t know if people knew that option was there. I certainly didn’t.

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Lol, I was just looking at all of those fields the other day and never noticed. That explains why it started happening! I remember a forum update when the change happened. Thank you @jenn94!


I just happened to notice it the other day!

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Thank you @jenn94 this is a huge help.

This all started after the upgrade. Maybe it was added at that point? Either way this makes me happy that I do not have to keep searching for these threads to re-pin.