Pin Trading - I know nothing

So I have a trip in 9 days - just two adults. However, while I’m there, I’d like to get anything I might need to set up a 5 year old for pin trading in January.

I’ve literally never pin traded or looked at anything for pin trading. However, we’re taking my 5 year old niece and her twin 2 year old siblings. It will be her second trip (she went when she was two also). So I though this could be something fun for her to do that she didn’t get to do last time and that her little brother and sister won’t be old enough to do yet.

TIps on what to get her and where to get it? In general how does it work? Are there any pro tips or secrets to know?

My kids love pin trading and collecting. We have hundreds and hundreds of pins in our house. The pins in the parks are expensive and generally when we buy pins in the parks, whether mystery or single pins, we keep them. We hardly ever trade those unless we have doubles. They have things called booster packs which will contain about 5 or 6 pins. In the park they will cost you about $30 per pack. So about 5-6 dollars per pin. Still on the expensive side when you want to just trade them away. If you are in orlando I would check out the character warehouse. They will generally have some discounted pin packs and such. Doesnt matter what they look like since you will trade them away anyway. Try not to buy pins that are 7-15 dollars a piece for trading…you will not get anything close to that when you trade. Look for starter packstoo. They have a lanyard and like 6 pins. Its a great way to get started.

My kids like to have lanyards for thier pins while they are in the park but the mickey head backs are not great so buy some locking pin backs from amazon/ebay so the pins dont fall off the kids lanyard and get lost.

Pin trading stations are harder to find now due to covid but hopefully back to normal in Jan! In normal times they are everywhere. Most CMs have pins on them to trade. Just ask if you can see their pins. CMs ask that you dont touch the pins but just let them know if you see one you would like to trade. You can trade 2xs per spot.

It is fun to see what pins catch their eye and see them get excited when they find a character they like or a pin that makes the smile.

Have fun!


Thanks so much! I’ll look for the starter packs with the lanyards as a gift from this trip, and maybe pickup a few extras to have for gifts during holiday season before we go!

Also, there are youtube videos telling you how to spot fake Disney Pins. I would watch those. You’d hate to trade real ones for fake ones.

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ShopDisney often has good sales on pins.

I agree with getting the lanyard starter pack. DS11 started his collection at age 7. He very rarely trades his pins because he loves his collection so much. He is constantly looking for new ones. We searched and searched last week for a Scrooge McDuck and on our last day, randomly found a Scrooge gold coin pin in the Christmas shop in MK-he was one happy kid!!

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