PIN codes

Does anyone know if they do any kind of deals in May?

We’ve gotten a 30% code for that period.

I don’t ever get them!

Have you taken all the steps? Order a planning DVD. Sign up for (don’t have to buy anything). Do any possible surveys. Doing those things, I regularly get PIN codes now for 2 different email addresses.

All but the surveys! Thank you I will start doing that now!

There may also be things completely outside of your control. You can do all the above, but still be shut out for demographic reasons that you’ll never know about. Perhaps the reason I get the offers and you don’t are due to age, income, where I live… any or all those things. Because Disney doesn’t share all the parameters, we can never know. Frustrating.

I got one earlier this year for the first time ever & was hoping to get one for our trip in May. Bummer to hear they are already out. Guess I’m off the list:(

Not necessarily. This one I got was of the 30% variety. The 35% ones could very well come out in December (that’s when we got it last year and used it for late April of this year. You might not be part of this batch, but still get the next batch.

Good to know! If I were to get a 35% it would be a Merry Christmas indeed!

I do all of those things, but I have never gotten a PIN from Disney, so I must not fit their demographic. :confounded:

Same here.

You never know what it is they’re looking for… we’re Canadian, is that it? Or maybe we get it because we have a girl and not a boy? Or that she’s 7, and not 5 or 9? Who knows.

I’d imagine income has a lot to do with it, and if that’s the case you could always try reporting (on your Dis profile) more household income then is actually the case… or would less be better? They may give PIN codes to higher income, because they think you’ll spend more… or they may give PIN codes to low income households because if they don’t Disney knows they likely won’t go at all. Or both high and low might BOTH get PIN codes, while a certain Goldilocks income never does. It’s a pickle.

We try to book as early as possible - I’ve wondered if that hurts us. Like, “well, we already know you’re trying to come, so no sense in giving you a discount.” Anyone get a PIN after they had booked?

I never have😕…

Re. getting PIN codes after booking… last year we booked in September, got the PIN we ended up using a few months later in December. This year we booked in either May or June, and just got another PIN code now… so Disney definitely doesn’t turn off your eligibility due to bookings.

Based on everything I know (or think I know) about how the distribution of PINs works, the only suggestion I can make is this:

We know that Disney gives them out based on profiles, and those profiles were established when you signed up for the various sites… the Disney home site,, etc. If you don’t get PIN codes, then there must be something about your profile that precludes you from getting them based on Disney’s criteria. So it stands to reason that if you don’t get them based on your current profile, and want that to change, you must set up another profile(s), including different information, to try to increase your chances.

Set up a profile with your Hotmail address, listing your income as X? Create another profile with your gmail address giving your income as Y. Mess around, try a few things, see what happens. Can’t hurt.