Pin a step?

I’m … really not working very hard today and am instead playing a little bit with my touring plans for June. In case it actually works out.

I feel like it has been discussed before - is there a way to pin a step to a particular spot in your plan? Or do you have to manually keep moving it there after otherwise optimizing?

Totes corny I know but our family has always tried to make Dumbo our first stop because it was our first EVER ride as a family waaaaaaaay back when. I’d like to keep that as our first step and optimize from there. Is this possible? Or am I trying to get too fancy?


I don’t know the answer to pinning a step.

I do know that Dumbo first is not at ALL corny. It’s tradition. :sunglasses:

Back when our grandniece went as a 2 yo we knew Fantasyland first would be too much sensory input so went to Adventureland and Aladdin. (Fantasyland second day) It remains as our traditional first MK ride. In September 2019 it was first ride for 3 of our great granddaughters. Their squeals of terror were as awesome as they were hilarious.

Just look what you have to look forward to, years from now. :grin:


No, but this is an oft-requested feature. I pretty avoid using Optimize after my very early planning stages because of not having this ability. Certain things I want at certain times, no matter what. Meet-up times, for example, etc. Hope this is added eventually.

Makes sense to me.
Personally, I’d like this option to schedule those attractions identified as “first coasters” for DD7.

Instead I had a plan suggesting Tea Cups right after breakfast, :nauseated_face:

The only thing I can think of is a fake breakfast nearby, but there’s nothing even close to Dumbo. And it wouldn’t look all tidy and pretty in the TP, either- it would just be wrong.

I would just put in a “Break” and call it Dumbo. Not ideal, but it’s something.


The only problem with using “break” is that it messes up the adjacent walking times. (What would be cool is if you could just add a “Break” with a location listed so that it could calculate properly…this would effectively give the “pin” functionality.)


I typically do what @Pod suggested - a fake “meal” nearby, once I’ve done the evaluation to figure out how much time I expect the ride to take. Like @ryan1 says, it’s really not pretty, and sometimes I forget to put a comment in. Then I have to rethink what I actually wanted to do.
(btw, this is also what I’ve been doing for rides before official opening, for March)

I sure would like the ability to do this. It must be hard, though, since I’ve seen this asked multiple times throughout the years.


Right, we tried this for one of the coasters at DHS and it must have calculated our break right at the gate, since the first step in the plan is “Arrival”. Then it added in a 15 minute walk.

Yeah, it’s crazy how when you add in a break, you have to remember the TP glitch and adjust accordingly. Here’s another example:

So, I plan on taking a 15-minute break somewhere between MMRR and RnRC (maybe the relaxation station?) But, don’t enter the break into your plans yet, but note the walking time (walking speed is set to very relaxed) between the 2 rides which is 12 minutes:

Now, enter the break and the 15-minute length time. After evaluating, notice that now it only takes 2 minutes to walk from MMRR to RnCR. So, then you edit (extend) your break length time so that it matches the original walking time. So you need to enter 25 minutes:

Now this is assuming a pretty straight shot from ride to ride. If your break area is off to one side, it may take another extra minute or so. This is where it comes in handy to set your walking speed to very relaxed, which gives you an extra time buffer.


Another way to work it in without pinning is to make that your first ride during the early 30 minute period, and then start your touring plan at park opening.

It will be our arrival day and so not at rope drop.

One idea could be to add all other steps besides Dumbo, then optimize. After the steps are optimized, you could then add dumbo and move it to the first step. Then, evaluate. You would have to be sure to not optimize again until after you mark Dumbo as complete on the day of.


That is a good idea, with one modification. Place a restaurant or food stand where you want Dumbo to be which is located as close to Dumbo as possible with the time set with the smallest window. This way when you optimize it takes into account that you are starting near Dumbo. After optimizing, swap out the food stand for Dumbo and then evaluate.


This has been a oft-frustrating feature for my trip planning… I usually end up putting it in my own order… and not optimizing.

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While I like setting up a plan for each day, it’s usually only for ball park ideas as to how many attractions we’re likely to accomplish. I will play with a few fast passes to see what differences show up.

I might do a list of our favorites and select optimize just to see what comes up. We’re not probably going to trek back and forth across a park. We’re more apt to select the slowest walking speed and then proceeding in a logical route thru the park. So when I figure out what’s a sensible amount of attractions, I will evaluate,
but never optimize. I like the order we’re in.

We also never actually do the attractions we thought we would. We generally open a park.
We don’t use many fast passes. While we’re all fairly OCD, an actual plan to tour by hasn’t worked for us.

Which makes me glad as some of the work arounds for a tp can get to be frustrating. But I can’t imagine a trip without initially using touring plans for each day. Sometimes lots of plans for each day. Thank you for the copy feature.

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You should set it to slowest walking but then use the other slider to select less walking (vs less waiting)

I like using the plans. I’ve found them quite useful and effective over the last 10 years.

I’ll probably just optimize and then add dumbo after


Why add Dumbo back in? Will the plan try to add it somewhere else if not? It can be so frustrating to get a plan to work how I want, I wind up just doing whatever attraction is nearby with the lowest wait and rework my plan while I’m in line. :joy:

To get the proper wait time for Dumbo, and more precise walking time.

Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks!