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Hey @len / @daybreaker

I’m not sure if it was an intended change or not but until a recent update we’ve always been able to copy an image from another site and then just paste it into our messages which automatically uploaded a copy of the image and inserted it into our posts. The paste function no longer works. We can still hotlink to the picture if the original site allows it, or we can save a copy and upload it manually but no copy and paste. It isn’t really a game changer but it was very convenient the other way.

Also it seems like the max file size was recently downgraded. I used to be able to upload pictures taken with my phone camera but now those images give an error that the size of the photo is too large. I have to either manually size down the photo or use a camera app that takes smaller images.

Thanks just some things I noticed and wondered if you might check out.


Yes. ^^^I second what @Outer1 said.

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I noticed this as well, but then figured that I must have been imagining things and that we could never copy-and-paste.

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I’m so technically challenged that I thought this was just me. Thanks for posting @Outer1!

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I’ve always used the upload button, so I didn’t even know this was an option before. I guess I’ll consider myself lucky.

As for file sizes, I wish there was a warning when I tried to upload a file that was too large, rather than just nothing happening. I recall that being the case when the forums first launched, but sometime in December I noticed the warning vanished.

OK, thanks for the note. I’ll ask Brad to take a look at it!


Any news on this? I tries to change my profile pic and now I can’t get anything but the standard issue B. Thanks

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Are these issues still happening? A few days after this post we had a huge software update, and it may have fixed these problems, as I cant reproduce them.

If theyre still happening, could you let me know more details about what youre using? (operating system, browser type and version, etc)

Sure thing… let me do some testing.

Seems to b working great now @daybreaker. I can copy and paste images again and my cell phone pics are no longer reporting too large. Thanks.


Hmm, I’m having issues with this too. I’ll check it out and let you know when I have it fixed.

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I’ve seen a few people report not being able to change profile pic. We assumed it had to do with photo size. I know @Ellen1976 reported that issue along with some others in the daily threads.

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I tried resizing, putting a border around it, make sure it was the same dimensions.


Thanks @Outer1 ! I’ve been meaning to mention this.

@daybreaker I’ve had no problems uploading pictures to a thread, but have been unable to change my profile pic. Tried resizing right down to 100 x 100, but can’t get it to stick. Cheers for your help.

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Oh please help @Ellen1976, @daybreaker. I miss seeing her pretty pink hair.


Nothing for @brer? lol

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I can’t change my picture either. Interestingly, as I am writing this, a box is displaying suggesting that I upload a custom image, but the site won’t allow me to do this. :persevere: I have tried downsizing the image to 100 pixels too.

I’ve tried it in a different browser, but it still didn’t work. I just can’t leave good enough alone.

Oh no! I too really wish I hadn’t tried to change mine! Hopefully the issue will get fixed soon.