Picking up tickets?

When trying to buy online annual passes the option to print tickets is not available for some reason. (any ideas why??). As this is not available the best option for me would be to pick them up as I don't want to pay for postage. Can any one explain the difference between the "will call kiosk" and the ticket window? What is the better option?


Tinker, I think you are referring to Disney, the OP was asking about Uni.

Uni doesn't let you buy a new annual pass with print at home AFAIK. You still have to pay for parking on your first visit, and activate it at a ticket window or guest services. You can order a regular ticket, print it at home, and upgrade to an annual pass once you get in the park.

I suspect the difference is that the kiosk is literally an unstaffed machine near the entrance to the park. You put in your credit card that you used for the purchase, and it spits out the tix. The ticket window is, I assume, staffed by a real person.