Picking up tickets / EPs / HHN

Hi! It’s coming up to our Universal trip now and I just have a couple of questions about how things work please.

We have:

  • 2-night HHN tickets, paid, received and linked on the app
  • 3-park explorer tickets, ordered, but to be paid for on collection “at the Front Gate”
  • 2 nights at the Holiday Inn across from Universal
  • 1 night at the RPR

The plan:

Oct 17th - arrive by car to HIE, HHN early entry via Finnegan’s

Oct 18th - VB, HHN early entry via Springfield

Oct 19th - move to RPR, IoA

Oct 20th - USF, leave by shuttle to WDW

So, the questions are whether it will be simple enough to:

A) Collect our park tickets from USF and go straight in to the Finnegan’s HHN holding area on arrival, around 1630-1645 on 17th?

B) Collect our Express Passes from the RPR before IoA opening, around 0840 on 19th?

We don’t expect any problems getting around all of HHN with two nights to do it in - any other considerations anyone can think of please?

Many thanks!