Picking up Garden Graze passport?

Hey all,
We are interested in trying the garden graze at Epcot during our May 2022 trip. Honestly, it’s ok that reviews are mixed - Epcot, wandering, food are all happy places for us.
Question: We want to RD Remy (EE 9:30am). Do we need to head back to the front of the park to pick up the garden graze passport? Or have folks seen them spread around WS?

You can normally buy them at that shop at the IG or also the stores at the ‘head’ of WS.

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Does anyone know how strict they with the food item purchased to get the stamp? Wondering if another food item of equal or greater value at the location would count.

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Garden Graze is the free one where you just get 5 stamps. Can be 5 of the same thing. The booklets are everywhere. We picked one up at a food both.

My friend and I split the 5 different things. She ate the ice cream, I got the cup :joy: