Picking arrival time window- what does it mean?

When I pick an arrival time window does that mean I need to arrive in that window or else? Also- do they limit how many people can pick each time window?

No. That’s just the earliest window you can arrive in, it’s the window they’d like you to get to the port in, to avoid an entire ship’s worth of people being crammed into the tiny port building all at once. You can’t check in until that window opens, but you can arrive any time after that. And yes, they limit the amount of people who can get each window. Online checkin begins at midnight - go online right then to choose the earliest time possible and get on the ship before everyone else.

Thanks @Mr_Itty - I just logged on and did check in, got 1030a


Great time! You can have lunch before it gets too crowded or get pool time in before it gets swamped! Investigate the ship also! Enjoy.

You want the earliest boarding time possible if you are able to get to the port at the time it opens, you have a better chance of boarding early if you have an earlier port arrival time. It’s just a way for DCL to try to control traffic, but it doesn’t always work. You’ll be stuck at the port until at least 11:30am when they start the boarding process anyway, but once they start calling numbers it does go pretty quick.

The check in process is usually speedy as well, since there are so many check-in windows. Just make sure you have all your documents together and it should be a breeze.

How many days out can you book this?

As a first timer it was 75days out at midnight. Disney cruise sent an email reminder about 2 weeks ahead and when you log on you can see how many days left/when you can check in as well. @jilliusc


Good info!! First disney cruise in Feb 2016!

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Thank you so much for the help, first Disney cruise in March 2016.