Pick a Pearl

Can anyone give me an idea how much a pearl cage cost at EPCOT for pick a pearl

I think it was 17.99 when we went in February. Then if you want it mounted in jewlery, you can but settings there too. My daughter opted for a sterling silver ring, about $40.00 extra.

The cages and settings are a lot more than the pearls but if you look on Ebay or Etsy you can find some great sterling silver cages for very reasonable prices. I think we paid around $15 for a silver Cinderella Carriage to put them in.

We just did this! I knew if I took the pearls home with me that the chances of getting a cage or anything else was slim to none so we opted to get the cage and necklace there. They had cages from $20-$50 and then the chain was $20-$30 depending on the length. Such a great experience and my girls really treasure them.

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