Photoshopping challenge

I’m fairly sure that this is a bad idea (because it will look so much better and will make me sad) but can anyone with mad photoshopping skillz and some time on their hands repaint the body of the Castle Cinderella blue?

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Which part do you want blue? Do you mean the part that is pink, or the bricks or the newly purple-ized turrets? Also, what shade of blue (can you post something with the right blue)?

How about this?




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Hmm. The gold really doesn’t go well with the bluey purple.

Maybe Disney got it right.

No. They really didn’t.

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the eye of the beholder

I think it looks great TBH.

I read somewhere the colours are brighter because they will fade before the 50th celebrations. Makes sense that the goal would be to have it look best during the 50th, even if it means it is a little hard on the eyes right now.

If I look at that first picture, the turrets look blue on the left and purple in the middle and on the right.

Is that the light in my room, or the light in the photo?


Lighting. The sun is coming from the one side and the other is in shadow.


Do you mean in the picture itself? I was wondering if anyone else saw the different colours.

Yep, it’s like one of those optical illusion pictures that say which of the rectangles is darker but they’re the same.

It appears different, but if you cut and paste them next to each other I bet they look the same. At least the parts not in direct sunlight.

If you look at the one I edited, I really just adjusted the saturation, not much else and certainly didn’t change any of the turret colors separately, yet you still see that difference in shading, as opposed to color.

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Monitors also have a factor in what color a shade looks like. I do agree that the turrets in shadow appear more blue while the sunlight brings out the purple hue.

Gosh at all the words for color.

That said, I have lids for the plastic food storage containers that I refer to as blue while everyone else in the family says, ya mean the purple ones?

Dark blue isn’t a lot different than some shades of purple to me. :smile:

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