Photos of Refurbished Rooms at Pop Century

Are there any photos on here of the refurbed rooms at Pop Century? How about dimensions for the Murphy Bed? And, is there any room for a small cot or air mattress with the new design? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m interested too!

I am not 100% sure this is the final version but this has been floating around online. Not my picture.

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Oh, that’s really lovely! Does anyone know if this is what all of the rooms will look like? Are they switching to the murphy bed and a full bed instead of the two full beds?

I believe so but those are actually queen beds now according to what I’ve seen. They will also be equipped with a coffee maker which is new for a value resort and they are replacing the curtain between the sink and the main area with a sliding “barn style” door

Thanks for posting the picture. That is the same one that I came up with online yesterday. I don’t like that the table becomes unusable as it folds down underneath the bed when the Murphy bed is pulled out. Do you know if there is still a table at the other side of the room near the foot of the queen bed? What about the TV? Is there still a stand with a mini fridge next to it?

Well that’s nice looking but cuts down on room capacity.

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I like the new bedding but I’m not impressed with the walls… it looks really plain. I’m hoping that isn’t the final

Hm. I’m not in love with these changes, then. They look nice, but if the table under the Murphy bed is the only one in the room, you lose a lot of functional space. I always leave a pile of stuff on the table at the end of the day, not having that option would be irritating.

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I have seen a supposed picture of the other side and there is a tall narrow book shelf looking thing to be able to store stuff you would normally keep on the table

We have a 6 night stay at POP for early September - anyone know WHICH rooms have been refurbished or will be by then? Have they been done by building or what? Any advice on requesting one?

90s section is complete (or almost complete) as far as I can gather - 80s is next. My understanding is that they’re moving across the resort in reverse-decade order.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that’s the order.

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I’m at Pop now. Concierge said that they’re working on buildings 8 and 9, and will continue working from the farthest buildings inward. 60’s will probably be last. Building 8 is the farthest along.

This is what building 9 looks like:


So are ALL rooms being converted from doubles to a queen and a murphy? That seems to cut capacity fairly substantially if done across the entire resort.

Or are they just creating a queen/murphy option but keeping doubles and a few kings?

We aren’t very inclined to stay at Pop, but if this is done in all rooms, Pop would no longer even be an option for this family of 4.

It will still sleep the same number of people I think- 1 queen and a pull down double instead of the 2 doubles. I am guessing the pull down will be like the ones in the suites at AOA that are actually very comfortable. I like the way it looks, very modern. I wonder if the floors will be noisy for down stairs neighbors though.

Oh the Murphy is a double?? Gosh that’s gonna be squishy in that room. I’d like to see it complete with the Murphy down.

Still eliminates it as an option for us. I’m not sleeping in a double bed with my daughter for a week, my husband and I won’t fit, and my daughter and son won’t sleep together.

I do like how it looks though. Very clean lines, easy to maintain.

I do wonder about the noise factor.

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Won’t work for us either, mods are as small as I will go with 2 teens plus me. I have rarely stayed value, and only alone. Those rooms seemed perfect for one or two people, cannot imagine that small space with 4 people, even worse with a crib. That space will be smaller with the queen bed. Personally I’d like to be at a resort with 3 sleeping surfaces, kids can’t sleep together and I don’t want to sleep with either of them. Renting points at BCV was the best for us- queen for me, pull out double couch for DD15 and pull down bed for DS13. Thinking of AK and bunk beds next spring- do you think my DS then 14 will fit? He is 5ft 7 or 8 right now and still growing. :flushed:

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Someone at work was just saying the bunks don’t work now for their larger teenage boy (tall, not heavy), though she said that without ever having actually stayed in a room with bunks. DD is 5’1" and felt it was quite fine and does not think it would be too small for someone your son’s height (but she’s 13 so maybe she’s not the best guesser on this LOL). They’re twin size though. She did mention that the height factor on the lower bunk especially made her feel like she would bump her head when getting up.

I’m going to walk back over there tomorrow night and peek in a few more windows.:slightly_smiling_face: I would think that the noise would be an issue with the floor, but I won’t miss gross carpet.

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He sleeps in a twin still at home, so maybe it would work. I wish the DVC studios there had the 3rd bed like BCV and BWV. What we really need is a 3 bedroom villa so everyone can sleep alone, but for about $200-300 a night. That’s a reasonable price, right? Ha!

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