Photos Missing from MDE

Who do we email about photos missing from MDE? How precise do I need to be about the time? We have Goofy & Minnie photos from Epcot Character Spot, but not Mickey.

The closer you can be about time the better.

I have found that I often have photos on my phone before or after the photopass ones so I can narrow it down pretty well.

It was our first stop a rope drop, so I know it was before 9:30.

Do I use the generic customer service contact form here?

Their system is seriously archaic when it comes to finding the photos. I saw the one CM do it in real time on a trip and it literally is just them scrolling through EVERYONE’S photos during a certain time frame and essentially having them “re push” the photos to your account (not unlike refreshing a webpage).

There’s no tagging on the photos at all, so no way they can search out subject. Best they can do is narrow down to photo location and time frame and then just put eyes on them. Also let them know what you were wearing if you can, it will help.

Thanks. I can send them a photo of our group with Goofy or Minnie so hopefully that will help.

I have this number in my notes Photopass [407-560-4300]Help line

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Yes you can use the number @PrincipalTinker provided or go through it online here:

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Thank you!!! I’ll start with the contact form and call later next week if I need to.

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They are super responsive

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Bad news. Some sort of technical difficulties with that camera. We met Mickey & Minnie 3 other days, but that was our only time with Mickey alone and in his classic outfit. :frowning:

I guess I’ll add that to the list of things to do on our next trip. :wink:

Aw crud.

Yup - you just have to go back!

Another update… Technical difficulties with the camera apparently meant out of focus images. A few hours after getting that email, I got an MDE notification about new images. So I have them. They’re objectively terrible (I happen to be a wedding photographer) :laughing: but I’m glad we have a record of the moment.