PhotoPass vs. Memory Maker, are they the same thing? Worth the $149?

I have done some searching on Memory Maker and I see you can buy in advance for $149. We are a family of three so when we go on vacation it always looks like it is just the 2 of us, of course, since the third person is having to take the photos. I will have my phone with me in the park anyway, of course, but didn’t plan on bringing a camera. I would like to make a memory book with all the photos from this trip for my 9 year old dd so I thought it might be great just to bite the bullet, pay the $149 that way I can have all the ride photos, too.

We’ve done MM our past two trips and thought it was a great value. Plenty of photographer’s around at each park plus some great pictures at M/G’s. I know some people on this site share the cost of MM. That could help.

Thanks! What are M/Gs? And they share it? With random families that are down there the same week? That is kind of interesting. I guess I wouldn’t mind doing that.

Meet and greets, I think mm share lasts for 30 days from 1st use,could be wrong also .

It was worth it for us because we spent several days in the parks. We went to a lot of meet & greets (we had a toddler) and the pictures were much better than we took ourselves. Plus we have tons of pictures of all 3 of us. Otherwise I wouldn’t be in any of the pictures. If you are just going for a short time or don’t plan to see many of the characters it probably isn’t worth it. You can give you phone to any of the photopass photographers and they will still take a picture of the 3 of you. We saw lots of people doing this last trip.

I would say yes, worth it! You get shots of everybody in them, all ride photos (and videos!) as well as shots at dining experiences are included too which really adds up. The photographers get some great magic shots too. :slight_smile:

I think it’s worth it and we have grown kids. We downloaded the photos and printed them through Costco website and they were ready in less than an hour. Also had lots of stock photos to download

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We were a group that was anywhere from 5 to 9 people on any given day. We were at the World for 7 days and ended up with a couple hundred pictures. It was DEFINITELY worth it for us.