Photopass is now $199?

Have they gone up on the price? I thought it was only $199 if you needed access right now. I thought it was $169 if bought in advance, but when I went to get it this morning, it was listed as $199. I’m not going until November.

It should reduce to $169 in your cart if you purchase more than 3 days before your trip?

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It isn’t. That’s what I thought would happen, but it’s still $199.

Last time I looked it was a separate item. There was memory maker at $199, and then there was advanced purchase memory maker for $169.

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I went to Disney site just now:


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Huh. For some reason, that does not appear for me. I’ll keep trying.

Weird. If I try it through the My Disney Experience App, it doesn’t give me the option and charges a straight $199. If I go through the website, it does.

How very unusual that MDE would misbehave! :wink: