PhotoPass for Disneyland


Would anyone recommend getting PhotoPass for a one (possible 1 and 1/2 day) trip to Disneyland/DCA? It's a must get when we go to WDW but we are there at least 7 days so we always get our money's worth.

Will the photographers in CA take your picture with your own camera?

I am thinking of purchasing an individual shot or two if I really like it but I don't know about buying the package.


Pre-order $69.95 if you decide to get it. Yes they'll take pics with your camera.

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You'd have to purchase over 5 pictures to add up to $70 (they are about $13 for each pose)
Does anyone know if that is the Photopass Plus price? (which would include ride photos & some meal photos) If anyone has a link of the rides/meals included, I would appreciate seeing it.

They will take photes with your camera, you just hand it to them ready to go.

I would not purchase it for such a short trip. It does take time away from doing attractions which is my priority when at Disney.

I do like the PP+ and have gotten it for both WDW and DLR and had no trouble with them but I've only used it for trips of at least 3 days. That way you can see things and get photos to make it worthwhile.

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