Photopass downloading and editing

Hi, now I’m home I’m looking through our photopass photos. Does anyone know if I download the photos, does that delete them? Would I still be able to edit them in photopass after or do I need to make copies and edit them before I download any? Hope that makes sense. Thanks

Oh, and is it best to download as 6x4 or 8x10? Is the quality better on the 8x10? Thanks

Downloading shouldn’t delete them. As far as I can remember the only annoying part is that you can’t really download just a few photos, so if you make changes and download again you’ll have to download them all again. This may have changed though. I last did this in Feb and haven’t yet looked at this trip’s photos.

You can download them multiple times. I would change the size to 8x10 because it’s a lot easier to scale pictures down that you want to print than scale them up.

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Downloading them does not delete them. When you do edit them, make sure that you don’t replace the original photo. I don’t remember the exact wording but it should give you an option to rename the photo. When you edit, play around with the sizes, since you can recenter them.

@outer1 may have answered this question about but i want to make sure I understand. Is there any reason to download anything other than the 8x10 option? Picture quality wouldn’t get worse by printing a small size photo that was intended for 8x10, would it?

When you do edit them, make sure that you don’t replace the original photo.

One tip I heard is to start the whole process by downloading everything before doing any editing. Then, no matter what you do online, you’ll still have the originals in case you messed something up by accident.