Photo pass?

Is there a photo pass at universal ? How does it compare to Disney? Is it worth it?

There is…we have went to Disney +++ times but only went to universal this past summer. There are not as many photographers and after a lot of rides you need to go get a worker to find your pic to scan it. I am still glad we got it though. There are specials sometimes where you can get it on sale. I got an annual pass for the year that was cheaper then the memory maker.

If you get it in a sale it’s a good value I think.

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I got it back in late April / Early May this year. Here’s the link to my post about my questions and later my results. (I really liked it!)

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This is my write up. We didn’t see roving photographers, photographers at the entrance etc, but another liner who was there just a few days after us had tons of pics from them, they saw loads.

I agree that on sale it’s a good value. I never found it difficult to get my photos linked to my card. At meet and greets, you give them the card first and it’s automatically on there. On rides, you just go to the ride counter and have it added after the ride. I never found it inconvenient. I saw some roaming photographers, though obviously not as many as Disney, but I love photos so it is definitely worth it to me.

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Curious. How does it work, really?

I mean, for Disney, you have the Magic Bands that can be linked to Memory Maker via MDE so that multiple people can share a single purchase.

On the Universal site, it talks about price per card. So, if there are 7 of us in our party, can I buy a single Photo Connect card and use it to gather the photos of everyone in our party?

You buy the package, and you get the number of cards that you need.

I guess I still am unclear.

Here is from Universal’s site:

That would mean 3 days is $90 per CARD. You said “number of cards you need”. What does that mean? Does each person in the party need a card? That makes the price $630 + tax for the family???

That’s the price for the package. The package isn’t the card. You get as many cards as you need - well maybe not 7, I don’t know - which access your photo package account. I see where the wording is confusing. You don’t pay for extra cards.

How many cards you need depends if you’re splitting up. If you’ll all be together all the time, you just need one.

So, their website is kind of “lying” by saying that is the price per card?

Okay. So for $90…we might split up into 2 or 3 groups at times. But let’s say we’re all together. If all 7 of us are on RnRC across two different trains, then we would go to the photo booth area as we exit and let them know which photos to add? In other words, they will allow you to add multiple shots and not just one, correct?

Just trying to figure out if I should bother being on the lookout for deals on this or not. But I think it is confusing.

Oh. I just noticed. it says 3 CONSECUTIVE days. That makes a non-starter for us, since our 3 Universal days are spread out across 6 days. None of them are consecutive.

Oh that’s a shame. If I’m not staying onsite I always spread my days out too.

In case it’s helpful in future, yes they would let you add multiple pics. They show them to you on a screen so you can check you get the right one.

This was my sticking point too. I was splitting my stay between WDW & Universal. I had to buy a five day package to cover our three days at Universal. (It was $8 more) It worked out, but Universal made it difficult to buy. Also, IMHO, they don’t train the phone operators well about the program. I had to get bounced around and by the time of my trip I knew more about the program than a lot of Universal employees.

Even with all that I still got my full value and would by again.

You might want to keep your eyes open for deals online anyway. The last time I bought a package, I got five days which included all of the photos downloaded + 3 prints AND Shutterbuttons for $60. I realize that means it would only work for two of your days, but if you plan to do a lot of meet and greets and rides in those days and/or want Shutterbuttons, it may be worth it.