Photo Pass

I’m just wondering if the PhotoPass is worth it? We’ll have three days in the parks. Thanks!

That’s a good question. We bought it for a 6-day trip and thought it was very worth it. I’m not so sure about a 3-day trip though. The cost per day might make me balk.

Maybe think about what sorts of things you will want to do in the parks, and also what you would do with the photos. If you scrapbook, then it’s worth it. If you love to do character meets in the parks (as opposed to restaurant ones) then it’s probably worth getting. Or if getting a great family photo of everyone together is important to you, and something you would frame or use on a card, then it’s probably worth it. You would pay for a professional photographer for a family photo, after all.

However, I found that it did take a bit of extra time out of our days to stand for enough photos to get lots of good ones. Not all of them were spectacular, sadly. You’ll want to stop frequently throughout the day to ensure you get a few good ones in each park as the light changes. I was SO happy that we did this, so I don’t want to sound discouraging! I just want to be realistic about how it will add a to-do element to your days. There are lots of photographers, and they’re easy to find, and the variety of locations and fun magic-shots feel like great value, but only if you’re willing to use them.

They will take photos with your personal camera or phone though, so if you don’t want to buy the service, you can still get some excellent photos. Just stand in line for your turn, pose for the photos with their camera, then hand them your phone and ask for one with yours. They’ll take 3-4 official ones with their camera, and just one with your phone, and they probably won’t mess with settings or do anything fancy with your phone, but at least you’ll have one. Anyone can get photos taken, even if you haven’t purchased the service. If you take the card they offer or scan your Magic Band, you can look at them later and order photos ala carte or even decide that you do want the service.

I hope this helps!

We did the photo pass for Disneyland and WDW the last time we went. WDW is even more expensive but it was so worth it. They have “Magic Shots” that are just wonderful, especially if you have kids. I have mine on my computer as my screen saver. It always makes us smile when we walk in and see a picture. Reminds us of our trip and how much fun we had.

Personally I really like the PhotoPass. For us, we end up with lots of photos we are happy with and I don’t have to worry about using my phone to get them. Also it includes photos from the rides, so if that is important to you, then it is nice just to have them added to your account. Otherwise you are spending $15 per photo for each photo.

DLR does not have the magic bands though, so it requires a phone app or a card.

Though I do agree with Sally. They photographers are wonderful and they will always use your camera to take photos of the family. They are very nice about that, unlike other places that refuse to use your camera or will use high pressure tactics to get you to buy them. At most, they will give you the photo pass card when you leave. That is about as much pressure they give you to purchase the photos, which is none.

Oh gosh! I didn’t even realize this was a Disneyland question. Sorry!

Absolutely. I thought it was a bit pricey for my 3 day visit with my daughter in 2014 but the photographer at Ariels Grotto explained the pass to me and it made perfect sense. You are always all in the shot, no one left holding the camera. Every ride shot with your silly/crazy expressions are saved, their photographers are always lined up at the perfect angle in each area entrance and of course are paired up with princesses and other roaming characters. We ended up with so many awesome pics and I loved the editing/ add-ons I could do from home. We’re going again this Tuesday and I’ll be buying one for sure!