Photo pass vs Memory Maker

Can someone please explain to me the difference between photopass and memory maker? How do each of them work? Thank you for the help.

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They’re the same!

Photo Pass is the what the CMs use when they take photos of you. They scan your band or hard RFID ticket and the photos are stored.

You can then look at them and pay for the ones you want (including any ride photos too).

Or you can pay for Memory Maker which gives you a certain amount of time to download all your photos taken via Photo Pass for free. And it lasts for a year.

Everyone linked together under friends and family on your MDE account can use it, but only you will have the log-in ID etc. So if they are apart from you, they can still scan their bands and get those photos onto your Memory Maker.

To add to the above:

Memory Maker is a product you can buy which allows you download access to all the photopass photos, including any ride photos and videos within 45 days of your first photo. So photopass is the system where the photos are taken and stored. Memory Maker is the thing you purchase to get all your photopass photos downloaded for that one price. You can buy those photos other ways, but if you’re going to get all of them, using a Memory Maker package is the best way.

Just a note, if you’re only in the World for one day (I guess even for two days, as it would be cheaper), you can do a photopass daily purchase of all your photos for that day. To do that, you have to have a photo taken, then go to the app (not the website) and purchase the day’s photos for later downloading. I think its around $50 to do that, or was 2 years ago.