Photo pass question

First time at UOR. exactly how does photo pass work? I am used to the one at WDW. Is it similar? I keep reading negative things about it and I am wondering if it’s worth the extra $$. Thanks!

I have got this article saved ready for our trip. It’s quite informative.


I did it for the first time this year. Here’s the forum post that details my experience.

It does have issues, but overall I liked it as much as WDW Memory Maker. Universal’s photo app, “Amazing Photos”, actually works very similar to Memory Maker.


Thanks for sharing, I don’t think I’ve seen it before.

@darkmite2 were you able to use your 5-day photo package at Volcano Bay? Or are the photos from Volcano Bay a separate photo package? And, you were only able to book the 5-day package by phoning? We will be at Universal for 5 days in the last week of August (including some time at Volcano Bay), and I originally thought we’d forgo the photos, but your review made it sound like it might be worth getting the package…

The Photo Pass works at Volcano Bay. Yes… I did get the 5 day pass by calling. I hadn’t seen it on the website before my trip. My trip was exactly 5 days and at that time the website only showed 1 day / 3 Day / Annual photo pass. Once I called and explained what I needed they worked with me.

In my experience Universal doesn’t promote or educate it’s staff / phone operators about “My Universal Photos”. That’s not to say I didn’t find the people I spoke with on the phone at Universal to be incredible helpful. They were great. At lot of them have worked both WDW & Universal and know how to help. It’s just that, for some odd reason, Universal doesn’t promote their photo program like WDW does.

If you have any other questions, please, feel free to ask.

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