Photo Pass Option for Oogie Boogie Bash Only?

I have a day planned with the Princess breakfast at Napa Rose in the morning and Oogie Boogie Bash later in the day (so no park ticket that day). What’s the best photo pass option to cover that day? Thanks!

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It took me a little bit of searching but I was able to confirm that with both you are pretty much covered on photos included in the price of the meal & party ticket- no additional PhotoPass needed!

For the Halloween party, if you read the Know Before You Go at the below link, you’ll see a bullet point on PhotoPass being included:

And then for the Princess Dining, under the experience description on the Disneyland website it includes the following text:

Guests will share a final fond farewell with a personal Princess portrait moment

I believe from other sources I have read that this means you get your printed picture from the “main” princess that you meet (this time at the end of the meal vs. most other character meals where your PhotoPass picture is done at the start of the meal).

The only pictures from the meal that would not be included are whatever princesses come to your table but there aren’t PhotoPass photographers anyhow for that so purchasing any PhotoPass option wouldn’t help.