Photo pass downloading

What is the best way to download photo pass pictures? It seems to be very cumbersome and time consuming. Any tips? Would it be easier to save each pic to my phone?

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There is an option that compresses them all into a couple zip files. I’m not sure exactly where you find it unfortunately, but you don’t want to do it one at a time.

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When you login on a computer and go to your photos, you will see them load in the gallery. You can filter by dates or park, or just look at all of them at once. Hover your mouse over a picture and look for the gray check. Click to turn it green. Select as many as you want and then scroll to the top and click download.

Images will be zipped together. For some reason videos download separately. I find it helpful to select one park or one day at a time to keep my photos organized.

Is it easier to save each image individually to my phone?

Once on the website, you can sort pictures by date. locality or choose the all Locations. After you select one picture you will see a “select all visible media” box under the download button. Then you would check this box which will allow you to download everything at one time. It may take a long time for the website to select all the pictures. To make sure all are selected scroll down to the last picture to make sure all are checked and then hit the download button.


There’s a new service where WDW will provide you with a flash drive with all your photos. It costs $34.95. You have to go on to order. I’m not sure if you have to do it before your trip or can do it when you get home.


This is what I usually do. Sometime will in a standby line sometimes while on a bus back to the resort. At the very least I will download what I want from the previous in the morning, that way they don’t pile up.