Photo pass at Disney Springs?

Are there any photo pass photographers at Disney Springs or at the resorts?

There are at Disney Springs - I know my wife had some pics taken with friends while at DS last December. I think at the resorts there are as well at least around the giant Christmas trees (GF, AKL, WL) - I’m not sure about at the other resorts nor other times of the year. We never caught the line short enough that we waited for a photo pass by the tree though. They are popular it seems…

are they just randomly around Disney Springs or at certain locations?

Hopefully someone else knows for sure - I wasn’t there when my wife had the pics taken. It looks like it was in front of a Xmas tree display so it may be like the resort setups with photographers by the trees to take Christmas photos.

A previous post mentioned Santa’s Christmas Chalet (sp) at DS. Don’t recall where I read that ( maybe?)

well I’m gonna be there Saturday, so Christmas stuff for me :slight_smile:

I’ll be there Saturday too! :slight_smile: Do you use the mobile disney app? It has a tab for photopass that should bring up a map locating photopass locations. I just looked at mine and it showed one photopass location in DS.

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We found three photographers at different locations at DS two weeks ago. One as at the fountain near the pin trading store. The other was in front of Stitch at World of Disney. The third was in front of World of Disney, on the edge of the lake. We just asked him where other photographers were located!

If it helps, we were there about 3 or 4pm on a Friday afternoon.

The photographer was just outside the bar at The Rainforest Cafe when we were there a few weeks ago.

Thank you!