Photo Package Or Not?

Debating if I shall purchase Photo package or not. When we visited Disney the photographs were connected to our wrist bands and the photographers were also nice to take pictures from our phones. How does it work at Universal? Is the photo package priced by day by person or for the entire family.
I tired reading information on TP Page but still confused

At universal, you get a lanyard that the photographers will scan before they take pictures for you. You will. also use the barcode to get on ride photos. Our package also included discounted print photos, which we used as cheap souvenirs for some in our party.

Once you have your card, you can only link additional cards to your account. The extra cards with lanyards was about 3$ each, but that was several years ago.

You can buy a package here ahead of time. My Universal Photos Package Presale

It’s been a couple years since I bough the UOR Amazing Pictures package, but know enough to be able to help.

First, there are no where near as many photographers on property as Disney. There are very few IMHO. Universal uses more selfie stations with practical sets around them. (A T-Rex in front of a JP jeep)

You’ll have access to those and all your ride photos and that about it.

If you’ve never been before and enjoy ride photos it fine. If you want posed pictures around the parks you may not want to buy it.

The entire family. Only one person needs to buy it. If you sit together on ride vehicles you should see each other in the same picture. I wouldn’t buy two.

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So photographers only take pictures if you have a pass, unlike disney

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At meet and greets without a photographer, the team members did use my phone to take photos. I don’t know if a photographer will use your phone to take pictures. My last trip without the photo pass was 4 years ago, and I didn’t take a lot of pictures then.

Not at all. Typically, if you want a character photo the chaperone will assist you or like at the Raptor Encounter they’ll take a video with your phone.

I go solo to Universal often and have tons of photos taken by Universal TMs using my phone.

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