Photo ID with Universal tickets

Hello again,
We are 3 sleeps from party time. My universal tickets state that photo ID is required to gain access? Is this required every time we enter, or the first time to authenticate our tickets. I’m not bothered for myself and family but my parents only have their passports as ID and they are a little reluctant to carry this around all day…just in case. They don’t drive and us Brits don’t normally have any other photo ID other than drivers license or passports

Are they hard tickets? We only had vouchers and just had to print them off so we never showed ID. I think the voucher did say that ID was needed though. We weren’t asked for ID when we used the tickets either. To be honest though, I usually do carry my passport in the parks in case I want a drink.

I’ll have my standard DL in my wallet anyways. But hey, I’m turning 40 next week. If the CM’s see fit to card me, I’ll be ecstatic!

I’m 42, I often get asked at WDW but never at Universal!

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