Phones on cargo pants pockets

On my last trip to universal I brought a small backpack and used the free lockers. It ended up being very chaotic, with some lines for lockers being longer then lines for attractions (I was doing single rider).

This time I am considering wearing cargo pants with ziped pockets for my phone, card, id, ticket and hotel key. I have no intention of riding hulk or RRR. Will this work for the other rides?


This is right up @ryan1 s alley!


I use cargo pants that are buttoned and I put Velcro in… because paranoid.

It for sure will work on all rides that don’t have metal detectors. So hulk and RnR are excluded. I have not been back to the parks since Hagrid was added, that would be the only ride I haven’t used this strat on.

Also, I bring a plastic ziploc to put my items in when they go into my pants… and now I can ride the water rides with little worry.


Yes. I’m a cargo shorts wearing Dad at theme parks. I also get a “D-Ring Carabiner” to hook onto my Coke Freestyle cup and then clip it to my belt loop. I am hands free carrying my stuff all day.

THIS!! :grin: Don’t forget to do this if you are riding Rip Saw Falls and Jurassic Park.

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Thanks! Cargo pants with ziplocs it is!

Can you go on Forbidden Journey with a freestyle cup clipped to your belt?

No you can’t. The restraint is very tight, there’s no room for anything really, though you can wear a small fanny pack.

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