Phone coverage issue with app last time we went?

We went to WDW 2 years ago and we have ATT phones. The problem we had was actually being able to use the app, as we had little to no coverage or the data was so slow that the app was not getting updated or anything. I think it was Sprint or Verizon who has the coverage area? Is it still as bad as it was?

AT&T is the official provider (their ad is even on my version of the app) for WDW. I use ATT and I had no problems during my last trip December 2013. Before that, you are correct, Verizon was the official provider and my ATT coverage was pretty bad.

Are you on Android or Apple? I have Android.

I have an iPhone.

Last time you went, was the free WiFi available in the resorts? Once the WiFi kicked in, my coverage went from poor to much, much better. It seems to me that ATT boosted their presence in the park.

Wifi in the Hotel area wasn’t an issue at all. It was in the parks itself. But the cellphone service was horrible for ATT. Couldn’t get app to update inside the park hardly at all.

I have an android on Verizon. My DD had her IPhone too. I did not have any problems in the parks. Rooms can be hit or miss though. She had problems with Facetime on her IPhone in the parks but I would think that requires a very strong signal.

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We have one iphone with Verizon and one iphone with AT&T. Both worked great in the parks, but at AoA I have absolutely zero cellular AT&T coverage. That was last week of December 2014. Verizon worked great all the time.

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Almost all of my connectivity issues happened at POR. In all of the parks I had no issues at alll.

Ok forgive me but I assume POR is Port of Orleans but I am not sure what AoA is LOL. Well that makes me a bit more comfortable. What was your impression of the New Fastpass system? How well did the app work with it?

Art of Animation is AoA :slight_smile: The app worked really well to keep track of things (I made a screen shot of the schedule each day my lock screen image which kept me going back in and wasting battery). For changing Fastpasses though - I always used the my disney website in Safari, never the app. The app just moves things and doesn’t give a lot of review/cancel options before committing changes like the website does.

Does anyone know what T-Mobile’s coverage is like at the world?

Sorry, yes, POR is Port Orleans Riverside.

Super crowded Christmas week made for some super slow wifi service in the parks. I shut my wifi & went with AT&T 4G LTE with absolutely no problems. Galaxy S4

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Excellent idea! I’m going to borrow that idea for our upcoming trip (just 17 days till “wheels up” on our way to WDW!)

I learned it right here in the forum! :slight_smile: have a great trip!

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