Phone charging spots

I just found an awesome phone charging location at the gift shop after space mountain. It was in a back corner next to the magic bands. It is free but you swipe a credit card to get a spot and then swipe again to open. I will try to use it the next time I'm there. (In a few days).


I tried to use it the last time I was there but it wasn't accepting any more iphones. I guess there are limits to how many of each adapter they have. I was devastated because my phone was at 10 percent and I had budgeted time for charging while DS rode space 3 times. So I just pulled my wall charger with 10 foot cord out and sat next to the metal bench again attached to the wall as usual.

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Bummer. Have you consider buying a charger? I got a super cheap and little one at Trent that'll charge my Iphone 3 times. No downtime whatsoever esp since the charging happens in my pocket.

I have one, I just left it in the room because of that nifty little machine I read about at Space mountain! smile

The charging stations are a nice option. However, I'm very attached to my phone, so I don't think I could leave it there! 😉 I love walking around entering wait times. We have an iCarrier and an iTorch to charge our three iPhones.

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Are these anywhere else in the parks?

Just MK

For $38 the Trent iCarrier is great! Saved me a bunch of times.


Like others here, I prefer to bring my iCarrier for charging. That way I don't have to go looking for a charging station. I have mine in my purse. smiley

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Totally agree. Like being able to keep my phone w me

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We did not bring our own charger but I would next time. Taking pics and checking/entering wait times burns through a lot of battery power quickly. And the charging towers were full each time I passed them. We had midday breaks planned but ended up skipping them, and when we did I drained my phone to zero each time... Boo..