Phineas and Ferb

I’m using all my TP knowledge to help my sister plan her Disney trip. Her boys will enjoy Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. Where in World Shocase are the sign up spots so I can add to TP? I know there is one right where future world meets world showcase…but anywhere else?

It is only at the entrance to World Showcase, we looked for others earlier today and they don’t have them anymore. My kids love it! They played in Japan today and UK on Wednesday.

It looks like you accidently posted this in the Universal forum, not WDW. You, as OP, can edit the categories (using the pencil by the labels), so you might get more responses.

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Oops. Thanks. It’s been awhile since I posted…don’t know how that happened!

Shoot. OK. So do you have to run back to sign up for every adventure?

I think if you do one after the other, you don’t have to. We did have to sign back up when we went back another day.