Peter Pan's Flight and the Disney Play App

Wondering the best way to add this to a touring plan.

My daughter would like to actually experience the line of Peter Pan’s Flight because she wants to do the activity in the Play App. We’ve only ever used a fast pass or roped dropped. I would like to avoid a line longer than 30 minutes.

Our next MK day is supposed to be a 6 or 7 crowd level. It is also a day with Extra Magic Hours that we will take advantage of. I’d like to plan to ride Buzz Lightyear and Space Mountain at the EMH rope drop time (8am). I was thinking if we went to Peter Pan next, it would be about a 20-30 minute wait. So…how should I put that into my touring plan? A break? Or is this a terrible idea? Should I just break it to my kid that waiting in lines to do activities is for suckers?

What is the Play App?

It’s a Disney created app where you can earn badges for doing little games or checking in places in the park. It also has music and trivia. Good way to spend time when you are in line.

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Why would you put it in as a break instead of as the ride?

The only real way to get it to show you the wait time is to add it as a ride without FPP right?

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Right. But it keeps putting it as our first stop. And I want to be able to optimize so the rest of the plan is useful. Maybe I should just take out those 3 stops and do a plan that starts at 9 or 9:15.

Because it keeps putting it as our first activity. And it I move it to 2nd or 3rd and then evaluate instead of optimized, I’m annoyed that I don’t have an optimized plan.

Optimise it, move Peter Pan to where you want it, and then evaluate.

Oh sorry that’s what you’re saying you’ve done. I don’t understand why it’s so annoying to you. It’s an optimised plan for everything except one ride.

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It is throwing a ton of stuff out of wack and stops using my later in the day fast passes which doesn’t seem accurate. I guess I can just optimize in the park that day post-Peter Pan and have a few things in mind to cut if it takes longer than I’m hoping it will.

How long is the wait if you go there first? Not as long as you’d like presumably or it wouldn’t be an issue.

1 minute. I’d love that. Child would not.

1 minute? That seems unlikely in itself. I’d guess 10-15 mins, but if you need 30 it’s still no good.

I think starting your plan at a later time without your first 3 rides is probably your best option. Put in a meal at BOG or somewhere nearby so the plan knows whereabouts you are.

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So have you checked the Advanced Options?
This will make it use your FPs as you booked them.
Then, Optimize.
Move Peter Pan and evaluate.

Otherwise, you’re looking at doing a two part plan. Part 1 is your first ride + PP, then do a second plan for that day that starts at, say 10am or whatever time your first plan has you ending. Then you can optimize that.

Also, don’t forget to add the “Let the Magic Begin” show in your plan, if you’ll be at the castle at RD.

That’s your other option… don’t add that in, but make PP your first item. It’ll think you’re just going into the park at 8, not already at the castle in a line.

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That is a smart idea.

Well thanks.

I’m guessing it messes up your other plans when you evaluate cause the wait to Peter pan at that time pushes the rest of the day out of the fast pass times?

There are a couple things that seem to get a little wonky. The funny thing is, the crowd level used to be a 7 and optimizing put it 3rd with a 23 minute wait. Yesterday’s update changed the day to a 6 and optimizing puts it 1st and moving it to 3rd makes makes it a longer time (can’t remember exactly what). I think I’ll wait until the April update and then come up with a more definite plan for our April day. I really appreciate the suggestions and work arounds.

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I thought this weekends update was to be the last until June?

Totally missed that piece of news.