Peter Pan

I will be at MK soon on a crowd level 1 day with EMH in the morning. I would like to ride PP but walk thru the standby line to see the great theming. I have only been thru that once. If I arrive @ PP about 8:15, when the park officially opens at 9:00, will be allowed to walk thru standby, or just put into a flying ship?

You will go through the FP line usually.

Your best bet would be to line up at PP just before rope drop proper, and then go through the stand-by line.

I’m wondering this as I’ve always done FPP . I figure I’ll line up about 5 or 10 minutes after proper RD and wait a little so that we can have some fun. I’m realizing I’m missing out on some fun ques with always FPPing 7DMT, PPF and Pooh!


I believe they open the whole walk through when the line is over 20 minutes?

In all the years I have been going to Disney World, It wasn’t until last year that I was on Peter Pan when the Crowd Level required the full queue to be open. Can’t believe what I had been missing. It’s well worth waiting for the full queue to be opened.

It sounds like we lucked out. In Sept. 2016, we roped dropped PPF for EMH and we walked through the stand by line. Never even knew going through the FP line was a thing during EMH.

I went through it when I did. Pre rope drop BOG breakfast anspd 7DMT first. It is all spdependent on the lengthodpf the line. You were lucky since there are no FPs during EMM so often they will use that FP line longer.