Personalizing Magic Bands

Ok, so I’ve gotten this prompt from Disney telling me to personalize my magic bands. I keep trying to find some way to make them really special, but all I seem to be able to do is change the colors. Is this what they’re talking about, or am I missing something? I don’t want to miss out on something cool and I know you guys are in the know!

Yes, all they are talking about is changing the colors and selecting the name. For info on true “personalization”, check out

Great find @brklinck! . I’d not seen that blog before.

@khayes4 - if you’re crafty, search her on the forums for “decorating magic bands” Here’s one link

That will give you don’t idea on how others have decorated theirs.

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Edit2: to fix the link.

The TP Blog is a treasure trove of information - I read it every day.

Wow! I knew you guys would come up with great ideas and resources. Now…I wonder if I have enough creativity for 8 bands…