Personalized Touring Plans

Hello! First time planning a trip to Orlando and intend to use the Unofficial Guide and a Personalized Touring Plan. We’ll have six full days in Orlando and planning two for Universal for Harry Potter and the other four for WDW. When creating a Personalized Touring Plan I could only choose Universal or WDW. Is there a way to choose both so it provides me info on which days are best to go to each?


It took me a minute to figure this out when I set mine up (doing almost the exact same trip except doing only one day in Universal).

On your dashboard you have to set up two trips - one with WDW as the destination and one with Universal. You’ll make your WDW plans in the disney trip and your Universal plans in the Universal trip.

On the Lines app, you’ll have to flip between the two also. It’s almost like two apps in one.

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I was afraid of that. It would be so much more user friendly if it were all in one plan. I’m surprised they can’t do that. Thanks for the info.

Yeah - I wish it was too.

Our Universal day is in the middle of our Disney days. So to clean it up a bit, I did one trip encompassing the whole week, with Disney as the destination. For the day that we’ll be in Universal I just labeled it Universal. Then, I just created the second trip for the single day we’ll be in Universal.

Still not a fan of flipping between the two, but it works.