Personalized Touring Plans meals

First of all, I love your site. When I’m having Disney withdrawals, coming to the site or watching videos from Touring Plans satisfies the withdrawals. Okay, now the question. Is there a way to add a meal in the plan if it is out of the park. For instance, on the day we are at Animal Kingdom, we have reservations at Sanna in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I didn’t see an opportunity to add that option to my Personalized plan. Thanks.

You can only add Meal Breaks for restaurants that are in the park. For an out of the park restaurant, add a regular break and indicate that you will be leaving the park. Be sure to include enough time in your break to get from the Main Entrance to the restaurant and back again, along with the amount of time you plan to be at the restaurant.

Thank you. That’s what i did. I picked a restaurant and padded the time. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

You don’t want to pick an in-park restaurant, as the TP engine uses locations to determine the best attraction order. You want to chose a Break and specify that you are leaving the park. That way it known that you are going to the Main Entrance, and it works out walk times and attraction order accordingly.

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Do what @brklinck said. You can edit the Break to be called whatever you like, for example you can call it “Lunch at Sanaa”. Choose “leaving the park” and for that reservation, tell it you’ll be spending 3 hrs. This will allow you plenty of time to leave and return, and will also account for your actual dining time.

The restaurant location does matter in how the plan functions. For instance, though I can choose Pongu Pongu, it won’t actually register in my TP, so I put in Satul’i Canteen instead because it’s nearby. That way it appears on my map in more or less the right spot- but more importantly the walk times are correct.

If you’re leaving the park, when you come back TP calculates your walk to/from the front entrance if you check “leaving the park” for a break. So that could be a fair amount of time if you are going to/from something in the back of the park. At EPCOT it could take 30 minutes.