Personalized Touring Plans features Online vs Lines App

Hi All!

Excited to have found this community and site. I did have a question about Personalized Touring Plan features on desktop vs on the app.

Is it possible to see the columns of minutes (riding/waiting/free, totals) in the app, the way you see it on the online version?

In the online version, it is so easy to compare changes to your plan this way, such as how a ride wait changed, how the total walking time changed. But the way the app “chunks” it out for every step or attraction makes it basically impossible to see changes, especially if we Optimize the plan throughout the day.


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Hi, and welcome to the forum! Sorry I didn’t notice your post from [gasp] a whole week ago. I’m replying especially so your post gets bumped up and hopefully noticed by others who might have an idea of a good answer. You don’t deserve to be unnoticed this long.

I like to create my plans on my laptop, using the website, not the app. I know there are differences, such as seeing a map of your plan is only on the website, not the app.

Hopefully someone can chime in, maybe even hail some of the TP staff that deal with the software (I forget names…).

Hi! I think your thread isn’t getting much attention because it’s in meta, most people won’t look at that.

I’m moving it to WDW Touring Plans which should help. I’ve never done or even looked at my plans in the app so I can’t help. I’m an old fashioned liner, I do them online and print them out!