Personalized Touring Plan is adding "Free Time Minutes"

I have made a copy of the 2 Day Happy Family Touring Plan for Magic Kingdom and am working on personalizing it. However, every way I do it, the plan is automatically adding in “free time” around 2:00 everyday. For example, I will be on Dumbo at 2:10, then it will give me 120 minutes of free time and not schedule another ride until 5:00. I don’t want this free time here as I have already added in the breaks we need. I’m ending up short on time without this removed…help!

you need to add more attractions and/or utilize the EVALUATE button instead of the OPTIMIZE button.

The optimizer is ordering your steps in the order which will give you the least amount of waiting time. If you need things in a more specific order, then rearrange the steps (by dragging them around) and then click on EVALUATE. Evaluate will keep everything in order as you’ve set them and just adjust the wait times.

I hope that helps a bit.

if not, search for @brklinck’s tips on this forum.

also, you’ve posted this in the Universal forum, not Disney.

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I believe that it says in the plan notes that the Happy Familly plans are not optimizable. This is because they are designed to be a general strategy, with the family taking its time going through the plan rather than quickly moving from one attraction to the next in the best possible order. When you Optimize it you will have too few attractions to fill up they day, hence all the free time.