Personalized touring plan FoP arriving at park way before RD category

In one of the recent TP youtube videos (love those by the way), I remember @len and others talking about the difficulty of manipulating the time a person actually arrives at the park in a personalized touring plan. Is there any way to do that? I’m working on a personalized TP for AK on a CL 2 day. I tried to input my arrival time at 8:00am on a 9am opening, but it still had me getting to NRJ at 9:13 and then a 212 minute wait at FoP at the end of my time in the park. When I move FoP to be the first thing and evaluate, it still gives me a 232 min wait. I watched the video of Brian getting to AK super early and being done with FoP and NRJ right after 9am. Is there anyway to adjust the arrival time so that the system takes into account being at the front of the pack instead of the back? I seem to remember the answer was no in the video…but I thought I’d ask.

Instead, should I add in a small break (or a meal at a QS in Pandora) from 9:00 to 9:15 to trick the system into putting me in that part of the park at 9:15? Does that make sense?

Thank you! I just love TP!

Yes, I would just put it in as a break. Easiest way to trick the system

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The break is exactly what I’d do.

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