Personalized Touring Plan - AK Conservation Station

I am trying to make a personalized touring plan for AK. I want to do the Conservation Station, and it looks like you need to take the Wildlife Express train there. I tried putting the “Wildlife Express Train: Africa Station” right before Conservation Station and “Wildlife Express Train: Rafiki’s Planet Watch Station” right after, but when I go to Optimize, the computer changes the order so that these train rides are not right next to the Conservation Station. Am I right to have these flanking the Conservation Station? I’ve never been to AK and never done these Personalized Touring Plans before, so I’m trying to figure it all out. Thanks!

Also, on a side note, the “Wilderness Explorers” attraction is throwing my plans off because it doesn’t open till 10. Is there a way to get the info/printout before the trip so we don’t have to backtrack to get the brochure?


I’ve read somewhere that you can pick up the Wilderness Explorer booklet at some of the badge locations throughout the park as well. That’s what I’m hoping anyway so that we don’t have to back track as well!

I had the same trouble trying to get the right order in the plan. I kept reorganizing and optimizing and finally it did it correctly. Sorry I’m not more help – it was really annoying. since I’ve not done these particular attractions either it would be really helpful if the software was coded to require it to be in the only order you can actually do it :slight_smile:

You take train 1, do the conservation station, affection section (petting zoo) and other exhibits along the trail. I would also include extra time to meet Rafiki, Chip & Dale and to get your badges for WE. Then you do Train 2 and come back again.

I left the trains off my plan, just included Conservation Station. Touring Plans added the trains for me in the right places when I clicked optimize.