Personalized plans vs touring plan

If you set up a personalized plan, it updated according to crowds at the moment so it’s not efficient unless you update it when you get to the park? As opposed to the touring plans in the book?

It is meant to be used real time. You can hit the optimize button and it will rearrange your plan according to the steps completed and the current wait times.

However, if that makes you nervous, then you can make your plan and just not optimize it while in the parks. Some people will personalize their plans and print them out or save them as PDFs.

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If I am not planning to optimize while at the park, is it beneficial to make a personalized plan or use the guide in the book.

For example we are planning to do animal kingdom 2 mornings, so in the book it would say to hit either EE or Dinosaur 1st but the personalized plans sometimes it shows to hit 3rd or so

You can’t go wrong really with either, but I usually do a personalized plan. There are some attractions that we might want to hit up 2 or more times and a personalized plan will let you accommodate that and give you the estimated wait times for each and how it could best fit into your day. Or if there are things you think you want to skip, the personalized plans can adjust for that.

Personalized plans used the projected data for the trip date that you specify in the plan. That way you can make advance plans and play around with them until you get it set up the way you want.

So what I don’t understand is if I put everything in that I want to ride/visit, then hit optimize/evaluate it will rearrange the rides and every time I hit optimize/evaluate again it switches everything around - I am planning for April. So I why does it keep rearranging the schedule why not give u the best plan of attack - how could the plan of attack keep changing 5 times in 5 minutes

Play around with what though - if I put down 5 rides, why does it keep rearranging the order every time I hit optimize -

How much do the wait times change each time? I’d guess only a few minutes. It changes due to computer algorithms that try and make certain assumptions when running calculations.

The book ones are generic and should hold true most days, but let’s say that the generic touring plan says to visit pirates of the Caribbean now. Well maybe it is currently down for digital re-attachment, so you show up and wait an hour and a half. The optimizer would see that it is down and direct you elsewhere and have you come back later when things normalize.

Play around with adding more attractions, using different FPPs, etc. The Optimizer is trying to find the best result possible in a limited amount of time - therefore the results can change with a re-run, but they should soon reach a stable result.