Personalized Plan - why is GotG so late?

Plan link:

We’ll be at DCA on Sunday, July 16th (last day of D23 and day before Fantasmic! return. I’m expecting crowds). We’ll have 7 AM early entry, but my personalized plan says we’ll have a 26 minute standby wait around 9:30, an hour and a half after regular park open. That’s not what I’ve been hearing anecdotally, and I’m hesitant to do all these attractions before Guardians. Thoughts?

I cannot see your plan, but plans for Disneyland have not been accurate for a very long time. Use the DL official app for times, maybe study it a few days to see patterns. We were just there, and no way GOTG will be 26 minutes at any point during the day. It was 60-120 our entire 4 days. We rode it 3 times, all with FP and it is fantastic! They are also distributing FP’s during EMH now which they did not do previously. I would head straight there and ride standby, or get an FP and then ride other things.
Also, this has been discussed a lot on DL chat, head over there to get some recent feedback.

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Will do, thank you!

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