Personalized Plan Issue (overly long rope drop wait times)

I have made a couple of alternative Personalized Plans, and have encountered an issue. Magic Kingdom, Thursday, EMH (morning 8am open). On one plan, it has me hit Tink's meet and greet at rope drop, and predicts a 57 minute wait. On the second plan, it has me going on BTMR first thing, 50 minute wait. These massive waits seem highly unlikely to me, given EMH, being there for rope drop, etc. I'm new to Touring Plans (just created account yesterday) so perhaps I'm missing something?

Any help/advice would be much appreciated!

That's because those aren't open for emh, so it has you waiting until regular penning opening

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That's interesting... I would have thought that it would then put us on things that do open for EMH, then have us come back. I'm surprised it hasn't been programmed to do that.

Are you evaluating or optimizing? If you ate evaluating, it won't rearrange anything

Optimizing, but I've figured it out with your help. After you clued me in that not all rides open for EMH early, I looked at the plan vs. what rides open when... I have a two day plan, Fantasy Land and Tomorrowland for day one, and the rest of the park for day two (the day that the EMH is. Of rides that open early, none are in Adventureland/Frontierland, so the touring plan had no choice but to have us wait based on the rides I had programmed. I'll just switch the days so we hit Fantasyland on the EMH day.



Welcome to TP.

Check to see what attractions are actually open for EMH. I am almost positive those aren't hence the long wait.