Personalied plans and Single rider?


not sure I am missing something, but does Touring plans not collect metrics for UOR Sinlge rider lines? I just started looking at the Universal side of my holiday and went to do a personalised plan and cannot see anything that allows me to say “single rider”. From what I can see Universal has loads more of these than WDW and have recently watched several Youtube Vids where the Vloggers did every ride before Lunch using Single rider. Creating any sort of plan for UOR seems pointless as I will be single riding almost everything, or am I missing something?

You can only use the Single Rider data in the wait times App on the day you visit. There’s no way to make a plan with it. Some SR queues aren’t open throughout the day. They may only be open if there’s enough ppl in the park or if the ride is running at capacity - this happens a lot in the morning or late in the day. Plus, a number of rides don’t offer it at all.

Also… beware! Some SR queues often take longer than standby. This is true for RRC and Dr. Doom. Check the App before you get in line!

I like to make a plan, even if I’m using SR, as a gauge of crowd levels. If I can do it all or most of the park in standby then I know I’ll have extra time for character M&G + shows by doing SR. This also lets me plan on SR queues not being open.

Furthermore, remember those Vlogers know their way around the parkand are familar with the ins & outs. It’s much easier to “do it all” by lunch if you know where it is and aren’t interested in soaking in the atomosphere. They are focused on just getting it done and not sightseeing. They are AP holders and go often. They’ve seen the sights.

If you’ve never been to USF / IOA the best advice I can offer is that it’s just not as big as WDW. You can really do all of the main attractions in each of the parks in a day. If it’s a low CL day, you can probably do most everything.

I have been there on CL 3 days and spent a lot of time in WWOHP and still done everything I wanted before leaving.

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Thanks. So make a plan with the rides I want, then use the lines app on the day?
How does this work in the app?

You can only use the Single Rider data in the wait times App on the day you visit.

I have not yet been anywhere and used the lines app. I understand I can “reoptimize” as I go along, so if I get on a ride and its quicker than my plan said, if I tick it as “done” and reoptimise, I assume everything moves up. But how does it work, with your above comment? Are you saying that on the day it will know what rides have SR open and if I “re-optimise” it will take those into account?

Ok… so there are two buttons – Optimize and Evaluate.


If you press Optimize then Touring Plans will completely rearrange your plan to give you the most “optimal” sequence of rides for low wait times.

Evaluate will keep your plan the way you’ve arranged it and update the current waits. I make personalized plans. I don’t like crisscrossing the parks just to save a couple minutes. I want my plan to stay in the order I’ve arranged it to save walking.

At the bottom of the App you will see multiple buttons – Home / USF / IOA / Plans / Chat / 10-day

If you press the button for whichever park you are in you’ll see the up-to-the-moment wait times – including Single Rider for all the park attractions.

(See Pic)

I only press “Plans” to see the order I’ve put the attractions in. I press “Done” to clean up the screen. This is all I, personally, do with the “Plans” portion of the App. It is possible to press Evaluate to see the new wait times, but you have refresh & it’s too easy to accidentally press “Optimize” and my plan gets out of order.

I prefer to just select USF / IOA to see the wait times. It’s faster and my plan doesn’t get messed up.

Any more questions, just ask!

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That is brilliant, thanks a lot for that :smiley:

Sorry, having looked at your screenshot, I do have one more question. What is “UExp only”? I am guessing it is Universal Express Pass only … but is that saying no one without an express pass can ride that particular ride? If so does that happen often and can it happen on lots of rides on the same day?

It is just saying that this ride accepts Universal Express Pass.

These “Expected” wait times how long TP thinks it will really take you to get through the Standby queue.

Only your Plan will tell you your potential wait time if you are using UExp.

Sorry I was referring specifically to “Race through NY” - That has no times against it. On the right hand side its says “UEXP Only” which makes it sort of sound like its not open to people without UEXP

Jimmy Fallon is its own weird queue. They have a “Virtual Queue”. Universal has eliminated the “standby line” for Race Through New York. Guests can just pick up a return time ticket at a Virtual Line kiosk

IMHO - Not a good ride. Can easily be skipped with no regrets.


or check-in via the Uinversal App.


When it is time to enjoy the attraction, you’ll be given a color coded Peacock Card when you check in at the main entrance.

(credit to TP’s website for the pics!)

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Thanks again for so much detailed info :smiley:

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