Personal Touring Plan Feature Requests

@Lentesta is there a list of features under consideration? The copy function was greatly appreciated, just curious what else is in the cards:

*Walk times to restaurants based on actual distance
*Undo optimize
*Freeze first x steps prior to optimize
*Add buffer times before shows to ensure entry
*4+ in-park FP+ strategy (tho maybe limited value since availability hard to predict?)


Yes, definitely an “undo optimize” or a “back” button would be very welcomed!


undo optimize would be fabulous!!!

I like the freeze x steps prior to optimize


Could I also ask that the Harmony Barber Shop be added as an “event” or something (I’m not completely sure of the lingo). We’re getting our twins hair cut there, but I couldn’t add it as anything other than a break, and so the optimizer isn’t accounting for the location and how long it’ll take to get there. (Before and after the break it has us in the furthest corner of fantasy land.)

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Actively being worked on by @david. Should be released this summer.

We’ve considered it. We have to work through how to handle any steps that were added or deleted since the last optimization. (Would you lose them? Keep them? Should we ask?) Not being worked on right now.

We’ve considered it and it’s doable. Just have to get it on to a developer’s schedule.

Ah, we can do this today, if you tell me the specific shows you’re concerned about. I know Fantasmic is one where we’re telling people to arrive an hour early in the book, and 15 minutes early in the plans. Easy enough to change.

The stats team is actively working on the data for this, and I’m actively working on the Optimizer. Late summer release. Will be snazzy.


It’d be a break with a specific location. Not many requests for this kind of thing, but I’ll add it to the list and keep track of requests.

With the “undo optimize” step - is there any way it could just be time related - as in “oops, dorky me just hit ‘optimize’ when I meant to hit ‘evaluate’ - abort! abort!” kind of thing? Not that I’ve done that. Ever. :wink:


I’d like a way to adjust the time we spend in each pavilion in the WS. I had to add a 45 minute break between every three countries to allow an extra 15 minutes in each. Same for Tom Sawyer’s Island, too.


Maybe best make it as general as possible – prob just need to have a break option be relative (to an attraction or a show) rather than only at an absolute time like now. That way one could specify a specific break period before or after a step.

I think this would take into account most permutations when people want to arrive 1hr before fantasmic or 30 before wishes etc.

For the “show arrival buffer” request, it’d be best to have that be user-customizable–not everyone wants to arrive the same amount of time before a particular show. But we should have attraction-specific defaults that make sense (like 45 or 60 min for Fantasmic!).

This is similar in concept to supporting customizable durations for certain attractions like the World Showcase Pavilions.

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@david read my mind

I’d like to be able to use the railroads as transportation rather than just as a ride. Give each entry for the railroad an onboard station and offload station variable and then time the walks from the before and after entries relative to those stations.


Tons of great ideas. Also for Epcot can we use the front of the park for the entrance and International Gateway to exit… Or vice-versa. I like that you can pick between the two, but as far as I can tell you have to pick the same one for the entrance and the exit. It messes with the plans a little when I optimize. Thanks for everything you guys do!

@Len @Lentesta My numero Uno request right now would be to add back as separate ride options the Single Rider lines for R&R Coaster, Test Track, & Everest. We both know the data is there, and this used to be a standard feature/option to choose as of April 2012. I confirmed it because my old TPs from that time frame still have them. These ought to be pretty easy changes/additions to make, a simple config, yes? Thanks!

Other nice-to-have would be the “get ON & get OFF” spots for WDW Railroad, with appropriate ride time & walk time to whatever is next from where you get off.

Really nice-to-have (I’ve suggested this in the distant past) would be to “link/group” consecutive steps so that one can select the “group” & move them all at once. For instance, move the Mexico Boat Ride & Visit Mexico Pavilion. Or group/link a number of Epcot World Pavilions (i.e. China, Germany, Italy)

Dashboard seems pretty basic & straightforward right now, but quite elegant in its initial implementation. It is especially nice to have all the links to the various crowd calendars and TPs for each day in one spot. Bringing in all the personalized TPs was nicely done. Kudos!!

One suggestion might be to open (most) dashboard links in a separate tab, so that one can get back to the dashboard at any time – though I guess anyone can simply “right-click-open-in-new-tab” if they want (which I do). :wink:


This is the kind of nerdy stuff my DH loves as a former actuarial guy gone Disney dork…if I could just get him on lines!

@LoveBug53 @shaw52502 @mjw

The workaround for “undo optimize” would be: Once you have a plan that’s close to what you like, COPY it FIRST before optimizing. Then you can always go back to the copy if you don’t like the optimization.

Be aware that the COPY of the plan will NOT have your FPPs; you’ll have to re-enter them into the copy. I asked @Len about that and he said that that is by design, but that they might add an option to copy/not copy FPPs when copying a plan.


I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but @len and I have discussed this and he indicated that adjustable times for various attractions (like WS pavilions) is in the works. In the meantime, what I do is put each pavilion in twice, which gives me a more reasonable amount of time to experience them. Also, setting the walking speed slower also allows for a little more time.


Thanks @ejj - sometimes I remember to do that too. Lol! :wink: You’re right, it is a great work-around and I will try to make myself do that each time. Appreciate your help! :smile:

@brklinck @lentesta If I want to spend 45 minutes in a pavilion (or anywhere, like, say, the honey I shrunk playground, or Tom Sawyer Island), I enter a “break” for 45 minutes minus 20 minutes plus whatever the walk times actually are to/from the break, because TP puts a standard “10 minute” walk to/from “breaks”.

Works great for me, but it’s not exactly intuitive for most. :wink:
There’s a “workaround” for almost anything if you think about it hard enough.

I’m all about “cost certainty” for my wait/walk times. :wink: