Perfect pants for amusement parks

For pure comfort, I think bike shorts and loose skirt are the best. At least for the sun-phobic like me. I like peasant skirts. Light and flowy, easy to pack and to make (or cheap to buy)

But, those pants look nice for the zippered pockets, and amusement park friendly fabric. Soon as Texas reaches a reasonable temp, I’ll be giving the pants a test run.


Update on the skirt in the original link. I really like them. Bonus is that my husband really likes them. Need to get more colors.

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I wanted to come back here and say thank you for the recommendation.

I showed this to my wife months ago and she ordered her “Disney pants” and then used them on our trip. She loved them, she doesn’t have any other pants with pockets and now has like 4 pairs of these pants.

I am not one to give fashion advice to my wife (or anyone else for that matter), but these were a home run

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So, which type did she end up buying? Or did she get more than one kind?